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Woburn Leather

The Woburn features a deep buttoned back, supportive sit and stylish scroll arms. Available in 4 chair sizes Grande, Standard, Compact and Petite. All Woburn fabric models including fixed and settees are fitted with Mammoth Medical Grade Foam Seating Technology as standard.
Woburn Leather
2 Seat Fixed Settee
H:111cm W:133cm D:86.5cm
Now £1609
Woburn Leather
2 Seat Reclining Settee C
H:111cm W:138cm D:89cm
Now £1989
Woburn Leather
3 Seat Fixed Settee
H:111cm W:186cm D:86.5cm
Now £2129
Woburn Leather
3 Seat Reclining Settee
H:111cm W:191cm D:89cm
Now £2489
Woburn Leather
Petite 2 Motor Riser Recliner
H:102cm W:78.5cm D:82cm
Now £1929
Woburn Leather
Standard 2 Motor Riser Recliner
H:109cm W:80cm D:86.5cm
Now £1929
Woburn Leather
Compact 2 Motor Riser Recliner
H:104cm W:80cm D:85.5cm
Now £1929
Woburn Leather
Standard Fixed Chair
H:109cm W:80.5cm D:86.5cm
Now £1159
Woburn Leather
Grand 2 Motor Riser Recliner
H:113cm W:93cm D:94cm
Now £2079
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