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At Maitland's we have all that you need for your home.  Established for over 100 years we can offer a diverse and inspiring range of wedding gift ideas for every couple.

A Wedding Gift List at Maitland's ensures personal service with a direct point of contact for both you and your guests.  During a personal consultation our staff will walk you through our newly refurbished so that you can view our superb ranges and get a real feel for the gifts that you would like to received.

Our Wedding Gift List Service continually exceeds the expectations of Brides and Grooms with a service and standard that is second to none, always offering the highest quality at everyday prices.


  • Free Gift Delivery throughout NE Scotland
  • Free Gift Storage
  • Free Gift Wrapping
  • Free Gift Voucher to the value of £50 with any wedding list that exceeds £1000.  If your list exceeds £3000 you will receive a £200 Gift Voucher.
  • Personal Service
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Secure Payments
  • Instore Gift Viewing


Creating a wedding gift list can be a little daunting so we've provided you with a few of our top tips to help you along the way.  We hope you find them helpful, for further advice our gift list consultant will be happy to advise.

  • Try to complete your wedding gift list at least 12 weeks before your special day, this will allow you time to make amendments and for guests to plan their purchase.
  • Every couple will have their own tastes and requirements when beginning married life.  Establish early what you need and also what you want.
  • Try to avoid short-lived trends, as you'll want many of your gifts to last for years to come.
  • A good place to start with your wedding list is with the essentials, like good quality cookware and homeware from brands like Joseph Joseph, Denby and Meyer Prestige and textiles that will add a touch of comfort.
  • Be brave when creating your Wedding Gift List and ask for quality gifts, you'll be surprised how generous your guests can be.
  • Try to choose items from across a wide selection of products including furniture and a price range to accommodate all budgets.  We would suggest gifts in the price range starting at £20 up to £1000.  More expensive items are not uncommon and are often purchased between family members or close friends.
  • If your gift list is nearly completed with a few weeks to go by guests and friends committing to your original choice contact us and add to it.  Many couples prefer not to  create large lists and we can help you add to your list as the Big Day approaches.
  • Finally, 'Wedding Vouchers' are an excellent choice if you're unsure as to what your actual needs for your home are once you are married.  We can provide vouchers from £50 upwards for you to choose the things you forgot, to add to your list or just did not think about.


Let us do all the work...

We know how time-consuming planning your wedding is and how many things you need to do prior to your "Big Day".   So why not allow us to help you set up and manage your wedding list and take care of fulfilling the orders, wrapping the presents, and most importantly delivering all your wedding gifts to you.  Once you contact us one of our wedding list consultants will take you through the initial set up and meet with you to personally select your gifts.  Then you can leave the rest up to us.

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